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Nouveau Lashes


Created exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, LVL Enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment. Unlike a traditional lash perm, LVL straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance go longer, thicker lashes. plus the adds lash tint creates a mascara-style effect.

LVL lashes 

At the beauty Studio IOM LVL lashes treatment take: 60-75 minutes

LVL uses an innovative technique to gently lift and straighten the lashes, giving you lashes that look thicker and more voluminous. LVL uses silicon shields, rather than rods. The shields are far more comfortable both for you and your lashes.

Our fabulous LVL gel formulation straightens the lash rather than curling it. The result? Stunning length, volume and lift for your natural eyelashes.


Please note: This treatment requires a patch test a minimum of 24 hours before the treatment can be carried out. Please contact us with your address and we will be happy to send this out to you in the post. Please remove all eye makeup before attending your appointment. Makeup removal can take up to 20 minutes and this will have to be deducted from your treatment time. 


Lash treatment range means you can create longer, fuller, volumised lashes in just a matter of moments. Lasting from one day, up to one week. ​

THE EXPRESS / Strip lashes £12

Applied in as little as five minutes. Strip lashes are for one day only and can be easily removed at home


​This unique lash extension treatment has been specially developed to combine the best aspects of our Extend and Express treatments while also incorporating the expert work of our Volume Masters. This unique technique has been developed to ensure the health of your natural lashes are at the forefront, meaning your own lashes are protected while we create a custom lash look tailored just for you.

SVS takes 90/120 minutes. It depends which SVS style you’re most attracted to. Diarise it as a multi-tasking opportunity. A power-up for your eyes with meditation time built in. To maintain absolute perfection of your SVS look, you’ll need in-fill treatments after 2 to 3 weeks. If you’re content to gradually return to your natural look, you can repeat the treatment every 6 to 8 weeks

A variety of styles are available with SVS, ranging from a:​ NOUVEAU LASHES

  • EXPRESS - strip lashes (15min approx.)  £12
  • LVL - lash lift. Enhance adds length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes. (75 min approx.)  £45
  • SVS - lashes extensions - Natural volume lashes.  (90min approx. 2D/3D)  £65
  • SVS - lashes extensions - Glamour volume lashes.  (90 - 120min approx. 3D/4D)  £75
  • SVS - lashes extensions - Dramatic Glamour volume lashes.  (2.5h approx. 3D/4D)  £90
  • Eyelashes extensions removal £10


  •   Infill / maintenance - Natural volume  (60min.)  £32
  •   Infill / maintenance - Glamour volume (75min.)  £39
  •   Infill / maintenance - Dramatic Glamour volume (90min.)  £47

*To be considered an infill: If maximum of 4 weeks since your full set application and 50% of the lashes extensions still remain 

Some commonly used terms for volume application 
   2D: 2 lashes per one natural lash
   3D: 3 lashes per one natural lash
   4D: 4 lashes per one natural lash

Please note: more lashes are applied = more volume look (Dramatic look).  Results of eyelashes extension may vary from person to person. Our Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to 6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and other factors. Though the average cycle of a single lash is about 90 days, factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle, and general care of your lashes will affect how your Lashes last.

The eyes and lashes need to be completely free of make-up but I will cleanse the lashes again to make sure they are free of any protein or oil too. This is to ensure the lash extensions bond correctly to the natural lash.
I fill in as many lashes as possible during the time booked. A 60min infill is advised to be booked every 2 weeks.  Please ensure lashes are clean before each infill session so I can spend more time lashing! 
Lashes must have at least 50% of lashes intact to be considered an infill. 

You will need to return to your salon for a professional top-up every two weeks to ensure your lashes look their best for longer. When the time comes, your technician will also need to remove them to ensure your lashes aren't damaged in the process - you could also purchase our Lash Extension Remover to use at home.

Please remove all eye makeup before attending your appointment. Makeup removal can take up to 20 minutes and this will have to be deducted from your treatment time.